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[ 6 ] November 15, 2011 |

After publishing this page, RSL Communications contacted Real Nation and corrected its previous statement that Saborio would not need to be protected. Saborio did need protection and was afforded it in the list put out today.

Fabian Espindola was one of nine unanimous picks by our staff for protected status.

Major League Soccer will hold an expansion draft for the Montreal Impact next week. As in previous seasons, Salt Lake will be allowed to protect 11 players from being taken. The contract status of Alvaro Saborio (Designated Player) and Luis Gil (Generation Adidas) makes each ineligible to be taken.

Thus Salt Lake can choose 11 other players to protect. Real Nation polled its contributors and asked which 11 players should be protected. Here are the results:


We all agreed that these nine players should be protected:

  • Nick Rimando
  • Chris Wingert
  • Nat Borchers
  • Jamison Olave
  • Tony Beltran
  • Will Johnson
  • Kyle Beckerman
  • Javier Morales
  • Fabian Espindola


These players received some support but it was not unanimous:

  • Ned Grabavoy
  • Paulo Jr.
  • Collen Warner
  • Andy Williams
  • Chris Schuler
  • Robbie Russell

Assuming the nine players mentioned above are protected, Salt Lake will have two more selections. We suspect that they will go to two of these players.

The protected list becomes public Monday in advance of next Wednesday’s draft. We’ll see who Garth Lagerwey and Jason Kreis choose. What do you think?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Shorty Brobeck says:

    The main 3 player that should be be protected on that list are Paulo Jr. Ned Grabavoy, and Chris Schuler. Russel and williams are older and will not get taken. Collin warner im ok to live with out. I think the number one is Shuler. He did well in absence of Borlave. He WILL get taken if we do not protect him. Now the other 2. I think that Paulo will get taken and I think we have a good chance of keeping Grabavoy if we do not protect him. I dont want to lose either one.
    I think we protect Paulo and Schuler and cross our finger for Grabavoy.

    Shorty B

  2. Brad says:

    What about Sabo?

  3. denz says:

    Actually DP’s are not automatically protected from the expansion draft :

    Designated players are NOT automatically protected (i.e., clubs must choose whether to protect such players and if such player is not protected, he will be available for selection in the Expansion Draft). However, if the Designated Player has a no-trade clause in his contract, then his MLS club must protect him and he will count as one of the 11 players who may be protected.

    full rules of expansion draft:http://pressbox.mlssoccer.com/content/2012-expansion-draft-rules

  4. ben says:

    protect everyone on that list, but not Wingert. replace him with schuler. And keep Williams, he creates an identity for RSL. Even if he is not as fast as he used to be, we wouldn’t have been as good as we were this past season without him.

  5. Scott says:

    as stated above by Tpage, Sabo is protected. For what it is worth, I think Real needs to protect the younger guys such as Paulo, Warner, and Schuler, guys with younger legs and smaller contracts. I doubt Montreal would want to spend one of 10 picks on anyone over 32 on a building team. Honestly, I think i would like to see Grabavoy go, so that it could open a spot for Luis Gil in the starting XI. Real has a plethera of good talent that I doubt Montreal would want to risk a pick on, even though they may have alot of upside (looking at you Y. Alvarez, Agorsor, and Arnoux) Of all the guys listed, maybe the only potential possibility of someone leaving might be Alexandre, but that all depends in what direction Montreal would like to take their team in.

  6. tpage says:

    Post publishing, I actually got an apology call from RSL Communications who said that Sabo did need to be protected. They apologized for providing the incorrect information.

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