Loss at the Fort

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Chivas USA defeated Real Salt Lake 1-0 at Rio Tinto Stadium Saturday in a closely fought match.

The boo’s from the crowd at the end of the game demonstrated the disappointment of this loss.

20,413 people showed up for the match between RSL and Chivas. First sold out stadium of the season. The stands were packed and rows of people stood the entire game. Making the sting of a loss tougher for RSL.

This was a momentous match that was filled with questions of how physical could they be this year. This anxiety might come from the year before injury of Javier Morales. At this match last year he received an injury to the ankle that took the rest of the season to recover.

The referee allowed a lot of penalties go for Chivas during the first 10 minutes of the game. Real continued to maintain a good percentage of the possession throughout the first minutes of the half. Luis Gil came forward as a powerful force with direct attacks up the pitch. He created a lot of passes for the midfield and opened up the sides.

There was a discrepancy during the free kick from Real Salt Lake in the 10th minute of play. Espindola fouled by Heath Pearce was given a free kick. RSL immediately placed the ball and kicked it. The referee had his back towards them and was drawing the defensive line. After multiple passes Schuler put the ball in the net. RSL had to redo the free kick.

In the rules of soccer, if a team asks for room during a free kick then they are given it and need to wait for the whistle from the referee. From RSL’s reaction it looks as if they didn’t ask for space. So the goal from Schuler should have counted as an RSL goal.

Grabavoy and Espindola had a really good chance at scoring a goal in the 21st minute. Their passes were accurate and Grabavoy was able to give to Espindola but was blocked by Kennedy. Real earned a corner kick.

It appeared the Chivas defense was beginning to use its bunch ball defense tactics to stop RSL forwards.

Espindola had a good run on the ball during the 41st minute of play. He had a direct shot on the goal but was stopped.

While Real maintained control of possession during the first half of play, some of their passes were left wanting. Chivas put up a good fight and was able to stop goals but did not display any offensive threat to RSL.

Javier Morales and Alvaro Saborio entered the match during the half and replaced Sebastian Velsquez and Paulo Jr.

There was a scuffle in the 59th minute of play between Kennedy and the RSL forwards. Chivas was awarded a free kick.

RSL needed to complete some passes on goal. The only thing that was missing in the first 15 minutes of the half time was that final boot to the goal. The side was dangerous within the penalty area but lacked the last pass to get a score on goal.

Chivas USA took the lead in the 72nd minute of the match by Casey Townsend. This goal came at a time when Real Salt Lake was least expecting it. Schuler came between Townsend and Rimando the ball popped out of Rimando’s hands and Townsend kicked it to the back of the net.

This left RSL with 17 minutes to come back with an equalizer. Saborio had a chance in the 85 minute for the goal after a pass from Espindola but the ball hit the top crossbar.

The field became tense with the five minutes of overtime. Real had multiple shots on the goal and opportunities to score. With four corner kicks coming within those five minutes.

Chivas takes this match 0-1

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